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The Five Elements

"The five elements, wood, fire, earth, metal and water are not just the foundation of this wonderful system of medicine; they are the foundation and spirit of all nature around us."

~ J. R. Worsley, Founder, Worsley Five-Element Acupuncture

Wendy Weiss | The Five Elements


Water is the element of Winter. It is the gift of stillness, courage and trust, the time to rest and replenish our reserves. It is the seed under-ground, holding the blueprint of our vital essence to manifest who we are. It is the most “Yin” or inward energy.

Wood Element


Wood is the element of Spring. It is the gift of new birth, growth, renewal, hope, and creativity. We envision a plan for ourselves and make decisions to manifest our possibilities. It is a ‘yang’ or outward moving energy.

Fire Element


Fire is the element of Summer. It is the gift of everything in full bloom, expansion, warmth, relationship, joy, and connection. Like the sun, we are a source of Light both within and without. It is the most ‘yang’ energy.



Earth is the element of Late Summer. It is the gift of the harvest, the celebration of completion. It is the essence of nourishment, from ‘Mother Earth’, that feeds all beings, and allows ourselves to give and receive sympathy and understanding. It is a balanced energy of ‘Yin and Yang’.

Metal Element


Metal is the element of the Fall. It is the gift of receiving and letting go. Each breath is a moment to receive the pure Chi from the Heavens. It is a time to reflect how the cycles of life give quality, meaning, and purpose to life. It is a ‘Yin’ or inward moving energy.

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