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Want to feel more resilience, clear direction, joy, nurturing, and inspiration in your life? These are all natural gifts within you and you can access them when you connect with your own Five Elements!

Wendy created these courses and materials to empower people to learn and apply the wisdom of the Five Elements into every-day experiences so they can live a more consciously aware and purposeful life.

Check out Wendy’s online courses offered through Five Seasons Learning platform! You’ll discover this and much, much more!

Introduction to the Five Elements (for anyone!)

This course is a great place to start to learn about the Five Elements! It all starts with Nature, the seasons, and then the Five Elements.

 An easy-to-follow 60-minute audio and slides course that includes two instant download charts and a relaxing 15-minute Five Element Guided Healing Meditation.

Introduction to the Five Elements (CEU/PDA)

This is the same Introduction to the Five Elements course, in a CEU/PDA version. Course includes a quiz to take and a program evaluation to receive CEU/PDA’s.

Tools for Conscious Living #1
The Seasons and the Five Elements: 8 instant downloads

Begin to apply the wisdom of the Five Elements to your daily life!

Includes seven charts plus the PDF “Guidelines for using “The Seasons and the Five Elements Educational Charts”.   

We are all part of Nature and the seasons, and the cycles of the seasons give rise to the cycles of the five elements.  Start with these charts to deepen your understanding of how you can access your own five elements every day .

Bring your Beginner’s Mind on this journey to empower yourself with awareness of your own five-element energy.

Tools for Conscious Living #2
Functions and Gifts of the Five Elements: 10 instant downloads 

Deepen your understanding of your own Five Elements!

Includes nine charts plus the PDF “Guidelines for using the Functions and Gifts of the Five Elements educational charts”.   

Use these charts to better understand your own energy so you can create a more balanced, conscious, purposeful life.

Once you know the five elements a whole new world opens. Instead of trying to figure out a problem, you can zero right in, and explore the five possibilities of solution.

This can become the foundation of your entire life as it is universally applicable to every single situation.

Free Guided Healing Meditation

Experience inner balance and deep relaxation with Wendy’s 15-minute Five Element Guided Healing Meditation.  Journey through the five elements—Water, Wood, Fire, Earth, and Metal—to unlock their healing energies within you. 

Cultivate sensitivity to your own energy to transform your meditation practice and unlock your innate healing potential. 

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