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Wendy Weiss L.Ac.
Best of Lake & Mendocino Badge

I am so happy to share with you that with your support I was voted 

Best Acupuncture in Lake and Mendocino County for 2023!

I am so touched by everyone’s support in taking the time to vote and vote for me! 

I was so honored to be part of the excellent group of Acupuncturists who were nominated.

Thank you for your continuous support over the years and your ultimate dedication to acupuncture and your own healing.

I am grateful for your commitment to yourself and allowing me to be your practitioner guide on your journey. 

As an expression of my gratitude, I would like to offer you these gifts for your healing:

  • A gift of an additional ‘stress release’ treatment at your next appointment. Good through March 2023.
  • A thank you gift for your referrals: throughout the year, I’d like to gift you $15 off your next acupuncture session whenever you refer a friend or family member who schedules an initial appointment.

Just as a reminder some of the main areas I specialize in are preventative health, pain, stress/anxiety, and women’s health.  

If anyone you know struggles with these issues acupuncture could be the right treatment for them and they are an ideal patient of mine.

Now is also a great time for your Winter seasonal treatment!

Call me at 707-277-0891 or send me an email now through my website to get scheduled.

Together let’s expand the circle of healing and make 2023 a year of bright energy, greater joy, and expansive healing for everyone! 

Thank you again for your support and celebrating with me!

-Wendy Weiss

Chronic Pain - Stress/Anxiety - Women's Health - Wellness & Prevention

To learn more join me in a FREE WEBINAR! 

Have you been wanting to dive deeper into yourself and learn more about The Five Elements?  

The Keys to Naturally Release Stress and Reset Your Energy helps you to utilize The Five Elements to discover your unique energy pattern.  To learn more, join me in a free webinar. Live webinar was hosted on Thursday, December 15th at 4pm Pacific Time. Recording will be shared soon. Register below to receive the recording!

Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine

Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine are an ancient system of medicine that is over 2,500 years old. It is based on The Tao, the Source of all living things that exist in the realms of Heaven, Earth, and humans. There is an inherent connection between all of Nature and humans, which is based on harmony, balance, and the movement of Life Force, or Chi among all living beings.

The Laws of Nature can be observed through the movement of the Seasons from Winter to Spring to Summer to Late Summer to Fall and back to Winter. Each Season has an energetic quality described as The Five Elements: Water-Winter, Wood-Spring, Fire-Summer, Earth-Late Summer, and Metal-Fall.


Five Element Acupuncture

Our Services

Have personal questions or not sure if acupuncture is right for you? Just contact me by sending us a message or call the office and we will do our best to help you!

We are part of Nature. Therefore, the energy of The Five Elements also flows in our body-mind-spirit. Each Element also corresponds to the organs of the body. When the Chi is flowing and balanced health and well-being are maintained. When there are blocks in the flow or we become imbalanced, symptoms may arise in body, mind, or spirit, as a call for help, letting us know that we are out of balance.

This Life Force or Chi flows in pathways called meridians, that correspond to each organ. Along these meridians at the surface of the skin are acupuncture points that function to move the Chi in specific ways. When these points are contacted, through the acupuncture needle, the Chi moves, and we are able to support and restore the balance and flow of energy in the body. When the person’s own Chi is flowing properly the body’s inherent healing capacities are able to resolve symptoms, in body, mind, and spirit, and maintain each person’s health and well-being.

In this way Five Element Acupuncture supports the whole person to manifest their authentic self, and to live their fullest life.

Wendy Weiss Five Element Acupuncture


Offices in Clearlake Riviera and Lakeport, CA

9781 Point Lakeview Road Suite 2

 Kelseyville, CA 95451


1279 Craig Ave.
(at the Flawless Skin spa)
Lakeport, CA 95453
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