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The Keys to Naturally Release Stress and Reset Your Energy

An Immersion Course on the Five Elements

Discover your Unique Energy Pattern and the Keys to Naturally Release Stress and Reset Your Energy

image showing movement of the 5 elements of acupuncture

Do you feel like stress is wearing you down?



Do you feel frustrated, like you are in a downward spiral and struggling to stay balanced?



Are you concerned about your emotional and physical health and want to understand yourself better to maintain optimum well-being?



The key to releasing stress is to find out what works for you as an individual.

When you understand your unique Five Element energy pattern you can stop the stress cycle before it starts. You are empowered to awaken your inner power to heal and live your authentic self and enjoy your life again!


This is the gift that I want to share with you.



Introducing an Immersion Course on The Keys to Naturally Release Stress and Reset Your Energy

Three-Week Program to Discover your Unique Energy Pattern and the Keys to Naturally Release Stress and Reset

  • Three 2-hour virtual sessions (also will be recorded)
  • Learning materials and practice exercises
  • Interactive discussions 




Take a moment to imagine Yourself Differently…

You no longer feel like the stress of life is consuming you.


Frustration no longer weighs you down and you feel like you are moving through life with less obstructions.


Physically and emotionally, you feel stronger because you understand what you need to stay connected to yourself.



About Wendy Weiss

My passion for healing began in 1982, when I was twenty-five years old, and I was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s Disease.

This threw me into a major life and death crisis and forced me to dig deep inside. I knew I had to refocus my life and choose “to live” with every part of my being. This was the beginning of a long journey of self discovery, and the willingness to change whatever was needed to further my healing process.

I had two months of chemotherapy and four weeks of radiation treatment. Together this shrunk the 9.3 cm tumor in my chest cavity. I also explored many modes of natural healing to regain my health and well-being.  Two years into my healing process, in 1984, I heard about Acupuncture. I was ready for another level of healing and although I knew nothing about it, I decided to give it a try.

In my very first treatment I felt something I had never felt before. I experienced an internal energy move at the deepest level. I began to feel reconnected to my core essence in a way I had not felt in years. I was overjoyed to discover a healing modality that could encompass my entire being. My energy started to improve at every treatment as I experienced deep healing at the physical, emotional, mental, and spirit levels.

Six months later I realized this was also a profession, and that all of my healing  path had led to this. I decided to go to Acupuncture school, to train in this beautiful healing system of medicine and to share it with others.

Today I’ve been practicing Five Element Acupuncture for thirty years. It brings me such joy to serve others in their healing process. My clients are my best teachers. I am grateful for how they allow me to partner with them, to constantly learn how be an Instrument of Nature, and to support them in their own healing process.


Ready to get started?

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  • Live program begins soon!

You deserve to…

Be at peace in all areas of your life.


Move through life feeling harmonious and balanced.



Feel connected to yourself and the world around you.


What You’ll Learn with Wendy

Session One: 
We are all a part of Nature
The functional gifts of The Five Elements 
Session Two:  
Identify your Five Element pattern
Putting it all together – Applying tools for self healing
Session Three: 
Interactive exercises to apply the Five Element Gifts to all areas of your life
A summary review of everything
Sharing what we’ve learned                                                                        

Live Session Dates: TBD

All sessions will be recorded. If you cannot attend at the live time, you can watch the recording.                       









This is the perfect opportunity for you to...

Dive deeper into The Five Elements within a supported group that is all learning together.


Connect with yourself and gain insights for releasing stress and self-discovery.


Find peace, harmony, and balance in all areas of your life.

What’s Included in the Five Element Immersion Course

  • 3 week program
  • Three 2-hour live and recorded sessions
  • Learning materials and practice exercises
  • Interactive discussions

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“If you are striving to get to know yourself better, this is a great place to start. Have you ever wondered why some things attract you and others do not.? Have you ever wondered why you react a certain way to experiences in your life? Discovering yourself can also help you to understand others. Using the 5 elements Wendy offers information and tools for opening doors to self-discovery. I found a new appreciation for my own gifts. The class was both informative and affirming.”
Michaela S.
“After 80 years I thought I knew myself pretty well. One of the fascinating things about living is there is always something new to learn and I want to keep learning. Wendy’s course is one great way to do this. Through exploration of the Five Elements Wendy offers tools and insights for self-discovery. Understanding more about myself also helps me to be more open to others. I have a new appreciation for my own gifts and better awareness of appreciating the gifts of others. This class was both affirmative and informative. Thank you, Wendy.”
“I have been blessed to have Wendy assist me during some really challenging health issues. She is kind, gentle, empathetic and smart! Her office is comfortable and peaceful and you feel safe during your treatments which allows you to easily relax and let the healing begin.”
Liz B.
“Wendy is knowledgeable and accomplished. I’ve been seeing her for some time now and she has always addressed my issues with professionalism and empathy. She is an integral part of my healthcare."
“Wendy Weiss is a gifted practitioner with many years of experience and training. She has helped me with a number of medical problems and it’s no exaggeration to call her my “healer.” Her knowledge of acupuncture and complementary care is extensive and her empathy, compassion, and wisdom are a gift.”
Dan A.


This program will teach you how to facilitate your own healing methods so that our work together in your acupuncture sessions will become deeper.  This can even quicken your healing process, as you awaken your own gifts of healing.

Yes, all of the sessions will be live and recorded. If you miss a session, you can view the recording.

Once you submit payment, you will receive all of the materials to get started for session 1.  Before each session, you will receive materials for that session.

Have additional questions? Contact us at


The Five Element Immersion Course is for learning, educational purposes only. All material is based on learning the energetics of Five Element theory to better understand your own energy pattern.


It is not a substitute for medical, psychological, or Chinese medicine diagnosis and treatment.


It is recommended that you see a licensed physician, licensed acupuncturist, or other licensed health care professional for any physical or psychological ailment.

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